5 Ways You Can Benefit by Moving Your Body Every Day

I let myself spend most of today on my couch, in a ball, crying—life man. Sometimes, a slight movement & stretch to wrap up the day is all you need!

Are you going to work that 9-5 watching the clock keep ticking away and not do anything about it?

I'm not telling you to do anything. I'm giving you a resource and industry expert (me!) to help you enjoy your 9-5 without watching that clock tick.

How can YOU benefit? By getting toned and fit!

  • All you need is a little bit of time daily. And by that, I mean nothing more than 15 minutes or 20! Grab a foam roller and start your new challenge with new foam rolling drills and a foam roller by submitting your form here to sign-up for our small group running for beginner's challenge!
  • You are not able to help others if you are not YOUR best YOU. And that happens. Days and moments that aren't the best won't mysteriously disappear. But, the way you REACT to these situations when you're down can be your game changer.
  • You can pick yourself back up. You can do what you set your mind to. AND you're not alone. If you need to vent, reach out. If you need to say something, say it. Do what you need to do that works for you.
  • Maybe, try something to get your body moving and your brain thinking, like this NEW NEW cross-training workout filmed on my roof in Brooklyn. Because, why not?
  • Don't let anyone ever make you feel like you can't when you haven't even tried.


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